DragonCon 2017 Survey

Dear Friends of CPAC,

Thanks for supporting us and especially to those of you who attended our panels in 2017. DragonCon is doing a survey of attendees, so if you attended this year, and you enjoyed what we did, please fill out the survey and mention us by name, “Comics and Popular Arts Conference (CPAC).” If you didn’t like it being difficult to find us in the app, you could mention that as well. If you’d like to see an academic pop culture studies track at DragonCon with more consistent programming throughout the day, you could share that desire as well.

We’d never ask you to stuff the ballot box, so to speak, but if you did attend DragonCon and enjoy our panels, please let DragonCon know.

Here’s the survey link:


You can also still go back and rate our panels in the DragonCon app if you haven’t already done so.

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